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Grappling Shorts or Vale Tudo Shorts

Sunday, May 3 2015, 08:44AM


  • Flex4 Fabric: Breathable but robust 4-way stretch fabric for performance support.
  • Ergo-X: Engineered contours for optimum range of movement
  • Duo-lock: Dual stich with reinforced stress point for maximum durability.
  • Digi-Print: Digital printing achieves lighter weight and increased product lifespan.
  • Quality: Designed and tested by the best.
  • Slick: Unique and stylish Urobach designs. Red, grey and white grappling shorts.  
    Re-styled and rebranded Demon Fightwear valetudo shorts.  Red and white Urobach logo

New Urobach MMA Shorts

Sunday, Jan 4 2015, 12:58AM

Epic New Nergal MMA Shorts

The first of the new Urobach MMA Apparel has landed and we are pretty stoked with them. 

The first of the new products includes Nergal MMA Fight Shorts.  

Thammaz MMA Rash Guards Australia

Thursday, Dec 4 2014, 07:21AM

Hurry up and get the meanest MMA Rash Guard Australia.  The last of the iconic Demon Fightwear Thammaz MMA Rash Guards from Demon Fightwear MMA Gear Range.

Remember! If you want the meanest MMA Gear Australia, or the best quality MMA Rash Guard Australia... get them both here.  This Thammaz MMA Rash Guard combines quality and affordability.  Hurry while stocks last


Why not check out the rest of our MMA Gear Australia?  Urobach.com now produce an epic range of MMA Gear and MMA Clothing.  Urobach produce a pretty sick look Australia Flag MMA Shorts, as well as range of other MMA Shorts, MMA Gear and MMA Clothing



HUGE SALE! Save $$$$

To make way for the sick new Urobac products, all Demon Fightwear gear is reduced to clear.  When its gone it's gone.

Grab MMA Rash Guards Australia and MMA Gear Australia

Check out the other awesome Demon Fightwear products.  We'll be sad to see Demon Fightwear go... but we'll be stoked to see the new Urobach gear hit shelves



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