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Grappling Shorts or Vale Tudo Shorts

Sunday, May 3 2015, 08:44AM


  • Flex4 Fabric: Breathable but robust 4-way stretch fabric for performance support.
  • Ergo-X: Engineered contours for optimum range of movement
  • Duo-lock: Dual stich with reinforced stress point for maximum durability.
  • Digi-Print: Digital printing achieves lighter weight and increased product lifespan.
  • Quality: Designed and tested by the best.
  • Slick: Unique and stylish Urobach designs. Red, grey and white grappling shorts.  
    Re-styled and rebranded Demon Fightwear valetudo shorts.  Red and white Urobach logo

MMA Rash Guard Special Offer

Saturday, Jun 28 2014, 04:16PM
Only $35 for an MMA Rash Guard! YES REALLY. Demon Fightwear fans make the most of this special offer. For a limited time Demon Fightwear's Shiva MMA Rash Guard is only $35.00

Special Offer MMA Jersey (Motocross Style)

Tuesday, Feb 4 2014, 05:56PM

Grab an absolute bargain.  While the offer last

Onl $30 for a limited time only!

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